In Lautzenhausen...

The First Gashaus!

If You Were Hungry In The Sixties
You Would Go To The First Gashaus For
Schnitzels As Big As Your Plate!

The First Gashaus, was just outside the main gate, on the right, for the tastiest and largest schnitzel around!

Remember, you used to go up their steps and enter into a very small bar, before going into the restaurant section.

My mouth waters even today at the thought of one of their dinners. In forty odd years, I have never had a schnitzel as good as theirs.

And did you ever have a 'boot of bier' there? We have!

Once in a while, a few of us would get together for a night out on the town and the first stop was alway The First Gashaus for dinner and sometime a 'boot' afterwards. I always got a bubble and had to finish it...ah, poor me!

And Later On In The Seventies,
If You Had A Taste For Pomme Fritts,
You Might Go To Walters!

A Hahn's Hawk Special!

The Bars of Lautzenhausen!

What Was Your Favorite?

Everyone Remembers The First Gauhaus!

But What About The First Dominiks, Back In '61
It Was Known As The Pacific Club; And A Great
Place To Get A few Biers Or Even Have A Fight!

Da Franco Is Located Across From The Pacific,
Does That Give You A Clue What It Was Called
Back In The Early Sixties.  Pretty Hot Club Too!

And How About Walters...Can You Taste Them?

And The Dolly Bar Looks About The Same,
Except That Today, It Is A Bike Shop.

The San Remo....The Italian Restaurant Is Now
An Auto Parts Store!   But Do You Remember
What It Was Called Back In 1961? I'll Give You
A Small Hint: The C____, Remember It Now?

This Is The Da Franco, The Hottest Bar Today!
Any Idea What It Was Called In 1961? It
Was Pretty "Hot" Back Then Too!

The Following Entry Was Written Two Days After Hahn Air Base Opened!

Lautzenhausen, As It Looked, August 11, 1953

The Town, August 11, 1953

"Looking out our barracks window on our first morning after our arrival I could see the village with its spires peeking through a morning mist.  My first thought was that it looked like a Currier & Ives print. 

At our first opportunity a friend of mine and I wanted to take a closer look.  We walked out of the base's front gate, down the hill, into the little town and I remember several things. 

The townspeople would tend to duck into the doorways as we approached; we attributed that to their lack of much contact with Americans.  I would have thought that they would have been used to us by now, after the long base building process. 

I also remember...we found that the town didn't smell very good, but soon found out, that it was because of all the 'honey piles' kept in their front yards. We also noticed that some of the various buildings housed livestock and the farmers were living just above the stables. 

At the time (1953), there were only two drinking establishments in town, one Charlie's Place, was run by a former sergeant, a leftover of the war, and his french girl friend; the other was a hastily built 'beer joint,' called the Dolly bar!
When I was transferred from Hahn AB, some six months later to North Africa, I often wondered what effect a big military base located so near a quaint village, would have on it."

A3c Jim Pingrey,
August 11, 1953

All Photos Are Courtesy Of Kevin & Christel Of The Hahn Club.


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