A Buck And A 3-Day Pass




"Amsterdam, Holland
...We All Just About Lived There!"

Rembrandt Square, Amsterdam, 1963
Dan Zlokovich, Paul Girard And Me!

I've been to Amsterdam more times than I been to New York City...right from the start, every 3-day pass we could get, we would head there. Loved everything about it, the people (their english was better than my dutch), the food, the places to visit, the diamond market, Anne Franks' house, even hot spots like "C Street"...when you're nineteen what a experience!

I can remember one Easter weekend, Chuck Voltz and me, went there on the train from Bonn. It was after midnight by the time we arrived; we had no reservations but figured we could find a place easily. Boy! Were we surprised, we had no idea that Easter was that big of a holiday for the Dutch.

Heck, One Other Time, Our Bus Broke Down!

We couldn't find a single room anywhere that we could afford. Chuck decided that we would try one of the big hotels...the pricey kind. There the clerk told us there wasn't a room to be found in the entire city but that he had a small guest room at his home and we were welcome to use it.

Imagine that, he took us to his home, introduced us to his wife, who fed us and put us up for the night until we could connect with some of our friends. People there were just that friendly!

"A Trip Of A Lifetime
...30-Days Around Europe!"

Brenner Pass Into Italy & Then Nice, France
Larry Rupprecht and Myself Made The Trip!

Europe, On $5 Per Day, Of Course It Was 1962 Too!

That's right it's all that we could afford, afterall we were only A2c and weren't making a awful lot. Anyways, we loaded the "old Chevy" up with every stitch of clothes we owned plus some camping equipment, from the base rec, to use once we got to the French Riviera. And we were on our way!

Oh! The 'we', was Larry Rupprecht and myself, Larry R. was another New Englander, he was from Greenfield, Mass. out in the Bershires in western Massachusetts.

Well, back to our trip, we had planned this for at least a year, we had a 30 day leave, a itinerary and no idea where exactly we would be sleeping but when you're young such problems as where don't bother you that much, afterall we had our tent to fall back on .....we were both more concern about the "old Chevy" holding together for our "Grand Tour" of Europe!

The Lido's Beach, Venice, Italy

We visited: Heidelberg, Munich, Garmisch, Innsbruck, thru the Brenner Pass to Treviso, Venice, Verona, Milan, Genova, San Remo, Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes...whew...then to the French Alps, Berne, Zurich to Baden and back home to Hahn.

Not  counting Germany, we visited four countries, and sixteen cities, over twenty one churches, several castles, a number of museums, plus Hemingways' Harry's Bar on the Grand Canal in Venice, the "Last Supper" in Milan, and saw Brigitte Bardot making a movie in Monaco.

And yes ...we didn't spend to much over $5 per day on the basic necessities, lodgings, food and gas for the old Chevy, who really ate it up but manage to stay in one piece for the entire trip.  lol

"Bernkastel Was A Favorite Destination
In the Summer...All 3 Weeks Of It!"

That's Me (left), Don, Jack, Caz & Friends (middle), And Don Again!

If we weren't on the road with the "old Chevy," traveling to a Gran Prix race or somewhere else, we were at Bernkastel on the Mosel River ...a favorite destination in the summer!

Bernkastel was just like a fairy tale, the scenery didn't get any prettier,  first off, it was wine country, and the hills surrounding it were completely covered with vineyards, and then the town was mostly made up of black 'n white half timber houses...like in a real fairy tale, it was just picture perfect! Just ask any one who was there, like me!

Don't Ask, Not A Clue!

Oh, the girls pictured above....they were some of the bar girls from Lautzenhausen, and lets make one thing clear right now they weren't "ladies of the evening," most were just German working girls trying to make a buck, the only way they could.

Anyways, once in awhile, not often, afew would come down to the pool with us which was a real treat after living with a bunch of guys all the time ...they certainly smelt better, and they also looked better in their swim suits than the guys did. lol

Tan...After 3 Weeks!

Another reason, that Bernkastel's huge town swimming pool was a big hit, was that it only cost a few marks to use for the day (back then, we use to get 4 marks to a dollar). So each summer we all spend alot of time there...all three weeks of it, well perhaps four, but no more!

"K-9 Flight 3. Check Out The Tents,
You Can Tell, We Weren't Army!"

I Now Think Staying At Howard Johnsons Is Rough Enough!

Even as a young Boy Scout, camping out wasn't my thing but I figured, oh hell, lets give it another try.

I really don't remember to much about our Mosel camping weekend, other than what my photos show. The company though was the best ...K-9's Flight 3; Roland Clay was our flight leader, he was there, so was Richard Caswell, plus a
few of the other guys from our group and Jim Weaver too!

Let me tell you about Jim, he was the Flights' music guy, had his own rock 'n roll band on base but more importantly he had the greatest music collection of George Shearings tapes (on 7 inch reels) around.

It's funny what you remember, but one of the nicest memories I have of being at Hahn, is coming off nights, and taking a long hot shower to thaw out, then climbing into a freshly made bed and Weaver putting on one of his 7" reels of Shearing's music and falling to sleep listening to someone who has become one of my favorite jazz composer.

Thanks Jim!

Paris, France

Paris was absolutely beautiful, but expensive; and the French, well they were just unfriendly. We visited it twice while at Hahn, but after I seen all the tourist stuff ...I never wanted to go back because of the Parisians, they loved our dollars, but not us!

About the Parisians, their attitude really did surprise us as the French on the Riviera were just the opposite;  when Larry and me, did our "Grand Tour," and were in Nice, the couple who owned the campground we stayed at practically adopted us!

The camp had a small bistro kitchen, and at the time we were starting to run out of money, so our meals consisted of a lot of soup (it was cheap), but the owner's wife would never let our soup bowls become empty ...she treated us, just like we were her sons, the skinny ones!

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