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  1. 50th Air Police/Security Police. Security detail, 1966-1967. Law Enforcement 1967-1969. Desk Sgt, 1969-1970.

  2. I was with the 50th k9 from Sept 1960 to May 1963 my dog was AJAX and I was on 1st FLT . I have very fond memberies of Hahn and those days.

    Paul Girard us army retired

    1. I’m an old sentry dog handler from Bitburg in the early 60s. Do you guys have reunions? Our group has biannual reunions, but our numbers are dwindling. I thought we may be able tie in to yours if you have them? Anything scheduled for 2018?

  3. Det 2, 1856CG, tenant unit. Jun 87 – Jun 88.
    Loved Dolly’s, and made great friends. Sad to learn of the base’s closure. Absolutely loved your history and stories of the base. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes.

  4. I was in the 50th A.P. K-9 section 1964-1966. Sgt. Krouse was the kennel master.The caretakers were Joe and Heinz.I received my dog at dog school when he was just 11mos.old.His name was Aster von Stuffenburg the3rd.Sounds like royalty.I cried when I had to leave him.I attended more wine and beer fest with my buddy George Sickendick then you could possibly imagine and left a ton of broken hearts in Amsterdam.All in all I had a blast. Jack Waitman

  5. Tom, great site good work.
    My experience in the 50th K-9 (October 1962 – August 1964) was one of the most rewarding and memorable times of my life. I think of the camaraderie with the guys I worked with and the dogs, especially Drusus (Sam) who was my K-9 partner during that time, as a close ‘pack’ of dog/men. my memories were so rekindled by the reunion we had in South Carolina in 2011 that I’ve written a (mostly accuurate) memoir of the time, Angels of the Night but Devils by Dark, available on Amazon Kindle, BN Nook, I Books, etc. If any one is interested, more info

  6. i was with the 50th securitypolice i spent time with law enforcement and security. we also guarded a munitions site i worked the gate and we had k9 personal partroling the perimeter. iwas at hahn for 8 montths from january to september 1971. then i transfered to ghedi afb italy. the munitions site in germany was morbach.

  7. I was with the 50th Air Police K-9 section 1961-1964. My dogs name was Yogi, but his real name was Asso. Great site and so many memories. Thanks for keeping the site going.

  8. I was with the k-9 as a flight commander from 1964 until 1967.I miss those young k-9ers they were a great group. I am still looking for Ronny Schnider if anyone know his whereabouts let me know. thank you for all those wonderful memories.

  9. My Father Roger Eugene Rude Sr. USAF RET was stationed there at HAHN 22 Sept 1955. His dog was “SMOKEY”.

  10. Wasn’t with the K9’s was in security and base police. But hung with some of the K9 troops, a good bunch of guys and tight group. Like most who have been at Hahn, loved it. 1963 to 66. got there at 19, and left an adult, whats there to say, we all did!!

  11. 50th CES heat shop 77′ – 79’! Pleasure the have served under such Camaraderie. Was all over and under the base, guess everyone needed heat or hot water. Shop to Plant operations, (‘heat Shop Dawgs!” (RRR of course too, such fun, think we took the USAFE record, 79?) Anyway, Salute! Lived at the Old School house in Neiderwiler for a year I know 78′-79′, Off base animal house I suppose? I think think 6 or 8 zimmers. :-) 150 DM a month. Great serving and being served. Loved working with our German Nationals Civilian Core too! Peace, Love and Happiness! :-)

  12. I was an Air Police Sentry Dog Handler with the 97th Combat Defense Squadron, Blytheville AFB(SAC), Ark, 1961-1965.

  13. Did my tour from 65-68. I was in Security. Still looking for John Sullivan (Sully) and Bill Boucher (Boo) who were lucky enough to make the quota to transfer to K9. Had a lot of good times while there.

  14. Appreciate this website! Was not with the K9’s but with the 2184th Communications Squadron from 1964 to 1967. I joined the Air Force to fly but of course the military puts you where they want you to be and I wound up thirty feet underground in the combat operations center. Hope you don’t mind me crashing this party. I too have fond memories of Hahn, Lautzenhausen, Bernkastel, Deutschland, and Europe in general. It was a great time with some of the best remembrances in my life.

  15. My dad, Master Sargent Glover Allen Swafford, was stationed on Hahn Air Force Base 1961-1966. I came to live there in January 1962 at the age of five. I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis there vividly. We went into the bomb cellars at school and held class. Kind of crazy to think about now. My dad was part of a classified assignment during our stay there. I don’t know the details of the assignment and Dad has been dead since 1986. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m working on a contracted book for a university and stumbled upon this site. This gave me more insight into my life while on the base. While my book isn’t about Hahn, this site now makes me want to write about this time in history. Thanks again.

  16. 1971-1973 – 2184th Communications Sq.
    I was a 27250 – Air Traffic Control Spec. I worked in the GCA unit, next to the runway. Sgt Delco was my 1st Sgt. Lived in barracks, 2nd floor, overlooking parking to the base chapel.

  17. I was born at Hahn AFB in the 50th Tactical Field Hospital. My Father Thomas F. Ring was assigned to the 496th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. I have never visited Hahn since I left in 1961 or 1962. Thank you for documenting your history at Hahn AFB.

  18. At Hahn 61-64 586th Secutity and went K-9.
    Great duty with K-9 and my dog Arry Von Salon Kavi R962. Still in touch with some of the guys 54 years later.

  19. Just wanted to say hello, thanks for the great site.

    I was an Army Sentry Dog Handler. Attended the school at Lackland in late ’65 and early ’66. My dog (Shep 910X) and I were both green and we learned together. He was a great dog and a quicker learner than I was! We got assigned to a Nike-Hercules site in a small town in southern New Jersey. It was a time when rank came very fast for those who stayed out of trouble. I made Sergeant in a year later and there was no slot for me anywhere in the battalion. I got reassigned to a garrison white hat MP unit in Valley Forge Pennsylvania. Leaving that dog behind was one of the toughest things I’d done to that point in my life. I still think about him from time to time.

    I still prefer the company of dogs to most people, and continue to use the techniques I learned at Lackland to obedience train my dogs.

  20. Wonderful website. Brought back memories when my Dad was stationed at Lindsey AS in Wiesbaden and we went to Hahn to visit. When I was stationed at Spangdahlem and Ramstein in the early 2000s we flew Ryan Air out of Hahn; kind of emotional to see the wing logo still on the tower and all the buildings. Thanks again for your website.

  21. My dad was in the 50th comm squadron at Hahn 1959 to 1963 I remember seeing the sentry dogs on leash near the runway. I have many memories of Hahn including how the SPs, hospital, and school helped our family after my dad had a terrible car accident when going to work. Thanks for your site.

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